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2. Dreaming out loud
dreaming out loud
3. NEW HOPE project –
During the armed conflict in Macedonia in 2001, the CDI has provided services for Internally displaced persons (IDPs). This services included: production and delivery of furniture for reconstruction to demolished houses from the conflict and improve the living condition. By support of UNHCR, the CDI managed to established facilities with the main aim to produce furniture for houses from war affected areas. Within this project, more than 50 households in villages affected by war have been supported. This project included IDPs and persons with light disabilities as employees but also as   participants in a process of vocational education and training.
4. Vocational Education and Training for Roma refugees –
In collaboration with its partners, the CDI has provided VET for Roma refugees from Kosovo in the following fields: electricians, painters and horticulture. Business enterprise for services and maintaining and offer them to labor market in Macedonia has been established. The CDI use to be a link between the refugees and other local institution in order to offer their services and at same time to improve the financial and living conditions condition of the refugees and to provide possibility for social inclusion.