Vision of the organisation:

Diverse and harmonious society without prejudices – society of happy citizens.


Mission of the organization.

Mission of CDI: The Community Development Institute is a sustainable civil society organization that works on building a democratic and multiethnic society through strengthening the capacities of individuals, organizations, and institutions.

The CDI’s experience is based on 22 years work within the community, addressing citizens’ problems and needs and helping in overcoming challenges.

  • Establishment of UNESCO club– Tetovo. Promoting UNESCO values in the ethnic mixed municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Implementation of the program: “Kosovo – the final status in the eyes of the ethnic-majority on local level in Tetovo region” and production of a documentary movie
  • Implementation of the capacity building program for committees for inter-community relations covering 23 municipalities in Macedonia in collaboration with OSCE
  • Establishment of “Balkan Caucasus” network, organizing study visit and exchange with Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and production of a documentary movie: “Balkan- Caucasus”
  • Establishment of “NGO forum” by decision of the Mayor of municipality of Tetovo, consisting of experienced NGO members from Tetovo, that will improve the cooperation between the municipality and the NGOs (2004-2006)
  • Establishment of resource and information center about services in the community during the military activities in Tetovo and distribution of information without ethnic prejudices
  • Establishment of NGO resource and training center for groups of citizens with an opportunity to use logistic (space, communication), technical, (audio-video equipment, computer cabinet, equipment for simultaneous translation, etc.) and counseling services (consultations and information)
  • Improvement of inter-ethnic situation in Tetovo in specific moments through organizing a series of activities that provided work space with the young people from different ethnic background
  • Decreasing the unemployment rate through implementation of programs for self-employment
  • Implementing income-generating programs in order to achieve self-sustainability
  • Participation and regional coordination within the NGO network established in order to monitor the disarmament process in Tetovo and Gostivar region
  • Direct mediation in employment of 30 young people
  • During the past period, CDI profiled itself as an organization that has capacities, knowledge, experience, and expertise for mobilization of local human and technical resources and that succeeded in establishing local partnership between different structures in the community towards solving problems and satisfying needs of the citizens.

Legal representative of the CDI: Sreten Koceski, Founder and Executive Director
Secretary general: Damir Neziri

Board members:

Sreten Koceski – Chairman ex-officio. Executive director of CDI
Burim Murati – Business sector
Dushko Perinski – Professor at high school
Marika Apostolovska Trpkovska – SEE UNiversity Tetovo
Ilija Dimitrievski – Lawye

Additional members:

Sasho Dodovski – Executive director at Youth cultural Centre – Bitola
Katerina Veljanovska – Business Sector
Vojkan Antovski – Municipal administration

Supervisory board:

Dimche Josifovski – president and member of the board
Natasha Pavlovska – member of assembly
Tanya Georgievska – member of assembly

For Macedonian currency:
Komercijalna banka A.D. Skopje
Address: Kej Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1000 Skopje
Account number: 300-1100000534-29

For foreign currency:
Komercijalna banka A.D. Skopje
Address: Kej Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1000 Skopje
Account number: 0270100256298
IBAN code: MK 07300701002562998
Tax number: 4028003133288

Bureau for economic and legal consulting
CALIBRA Consulting
Address: St.132, No. 16
1200 Tetovo

Auditing firm
Bend auditing and consulting Ltd.
Tetovo, Macedonia

Staff members


Sreten Koceski is the executive director of Community Development Institute and he has been involved in the work of several local, national and international organizations and institutions. His fields of interest are programs for economic development, programs for cross-border cooperation and also minority rights and interethnic relations. In his work he has participated in development, design and implementation of large number of programs in Macedonia and in other countries, including programs for adult education, especially non-formal adult education. His skills and experience are in organizational development, project cycle management; also he has experience in coaching, training and moderating events. He has been involved in non-formal adult education for many years as a trainer, as a program coordinator and a consultant.

Blagorodna BishkoskaBlagorodna Bishkoska is a Project Coordinator in CDI, and she has work experience in NGO sector. Topics of interest in her work are: work with youth, education, rural development, gender mainstreaming, social entrepreneurship. Has significant achievements that she continue to work on – in area of rural development, youth education and youth employment. She has experience in leading workshops, moderating, organizing project events, conferences. Represents and prefers active approach in her work to enhance and promote knowledge and experience.

Dubravka Gjilas is a Project Coordinator in the CDI and she has work experience in the private business sector and several years in NGO sector.  She has been involved in projects on different topics, and her fields of interest are rural development and work with youth. She is working on rural development projects and one project about children with disability which aims at promoting and undertaking preventive actions towards social unrest, by sustaining a closer relationship between physical activity and disability and therefore pursuing the necessary sensitivity and care towards integration and solidarity.

Atanas Sokolovski  is project assistant representative of the CDI. He used to be a professional journalist for many national and local media (TV, radio, news agencies, newspapers etc. He’s been involved in the NGO sector for few months. He is associated with projects on  medias, inter-ethnic relationships and preservation of the environment.

Jasmina Janevska is a Project Coordinator in CDI, and she has working experience in private sector and also in NGO sector. She has been involved in projects of different topics, and her fields of interests are youth, social entrepreneurship, VET projects for unemployed and refugees. Also she has an experience in social work and social policy and with project on this topic. Currently she is working on an project for entrepreneurship  and mapping of start-up promotion and firm creation support  for entrepreneurship of VET students to identify Success & Failure Factors and Drivers & Inhibitors in how to create firms and establish start-ups.

Sead Memeti is a member of the CDI and project collaborator as well is involved in other activities. He is involved in NGO sector for long time and he has a good knowledge working with community, grass route and leadership, in the moment he is working in the section of administrative work. He has a good knowledge and work with other organizations.

Sinisha Stojchevski is an IT Manager and Support at CDI. His job is to keep our systems up and running and secure. Also his job involves keeping our websites up to date with current projects. He has worked in private sector as computer repair technician when he decided to move in NGO sector. He has a good knowledge and understanding in IT sector.

Nebojsha Trpkovski is a program adviser for Vocational Education and Training, and chairman of the Lifelong Learning platform of Macedonia.

He possess extensive experience in educational and development projects, and he is coordinating the national VET partnership platform between various stakeholders.