ENSEMBLE – Expectation and Non-formal skills to Empower Migrants and to Boost local Economy 

Community Development Institute, CDI was in Bastia to join 7 partners from 5 countries (France, Belgium, Macedonia, Italy, Spain) for the final meeting of ENSEMBLE on 26th June 2019.

ENSEMBLE – “Non Formal Skills to Empower Migrants and Boost Local Economy” is aimed at developing and validating an innovative NFIL mechanism by focusing on migrant needs that will help VET’s educators to identify and assess the NFIL professional competences of migrantsgroups allowing them to play a central role in the integration process. The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission and the ENSEMBLE Consortium represents VET institutions, NGOs and Research Institutes.

During the meeting the Consortium had the chance to exchange feedbacks on the meeting evaluation and analyse possible further improvements on Project results. Moreover, a General Overview of the Pilot phase helped the Partners in the discussion of possible improvements of the formalized version of the ENSEMBLE innovative NFIL mechanism and manual. Finally, the Partners set up the preparation of the final report.


For further information on ENSEMBLE: www.irz.org.mk

Project ENSEMBLE website: www.projectensemble.eu

CDI website: www.irz.org.mk