Dreaming out load will encourage European youth to raise their voice and DREAM about a different Europe, more inclusive, more tolerant and respecting the Human Rights and commitment regarding refugee population arriving to our borders. The goal is to generate positive messages to be disseminated and political proposals for a respectful and coherent coexistence among European citizenship and the“newcomers” (refugees and migrants).

This proposal will train youth workers in diverse aspects with innovative methods:

• social awareness and breaking down of stereotypes (innovative method The BOX)
• Design of positive messages to face this Migration Crisis and promote hosting processes (NoHate Speech content and dissemination campaign)
• Generation of proposals to implicate local, regional and national governments in a most inclusive Europe (Advocacy: debate tables innovative method)

During the armed conflict in Macedonia in 2001, the CDI has provided services for Internally displaced persons (IDPs). This services included: production and delivery of furniture for reconstruction to demolished houses from the conflict and improve the living condition. By support of UNHCR, the CDI managed to established facilities with the main aim to produce furniture for houses from war affected areas. Within this project, more than 50 households in villages affected by war have been supported. This project included IDPs and persons with light disabilities as employees but also as   participants in a process of vocational education and training.

In collaboration with its partners, the CDI has provided VET for Roma refugees from Kosovo in the following fields: electricians, painters and horticulture. Business enterprise for services and maintaining and offer them to labor market in Macedonia has been established. The CDI use to be a link between the refugees and other local institution in order to offer their services and at same time to improve the financial and living conditions condition of the refugees and to provide possibility for social inclusion.

Project: ReGap – Reducing the Educational Gap for migrants and refugees in EU countries with highly relevant e-learning resources offering strong social belonging

The Reducing the Education Gap project (ReGap) aims to extend high quality, culturally sensitive open access e-learning resources to reach adult migrants and refugees of both genders in EU countries. The project will reduce the education gap for migrants and refugees in European countries as they secure employment and social belonging opportunities supported by country specific and up-to-date knowledge about work, health, social security, education and systems of justice and regulations concerning citizenship and equality.

Project: ENSEMBLE: Expectations and Non-formal Skills to Empower Migrants and to Boost Local Economy

The project aims to develop and validate an INNOVATIVE NFIL MECHANISM focusing on the needs of the migrant that will help VET’s educators to identify and assess the NFIL professional competences of migrants groups and allow migrants to play a central role in the integration process.

More information, here: http://www.projectensemble.eu/