Community Development Institute (CDI) started the participation on the futsal tournament for Civil Society Organizations with 2:0 win against Foundation New education for business. With extraordinary discipline and patient game in defense after close first half that ended with 0:0, in the second half CDI took the initiative and with the goals that Bojan Cvetanovski and Bojan Petrovski scored, finished the game in its on advantage with 2:0 result.


“This  was  the  first appearance of the CDI official football tournament, but despite the lack of experience in tournament competitions, har a very mature and excellent play throughout the game  bringing us to the first victory. During the game my teammates played absolutely disciplined and adhere to the agreed match strategy. All the players were up to the job and met expectations. The defense worked solidly, though needed small, filigree adjustments for the next game. Two goals scored by the quick counterattacks confused and wrecked our opponents.“ “-  stated KIril Ristovski , program coordinator in CDI, as well as captain of the football team.

In the second match of the tournament, CDI played against the tournament organizers the team of the association Youth Can. In fast and dynamic match with plenty of goals CDI dominated every aspect of the game and finished the game with big 8:3 victory. Most valuable player of the game was Bojan Cvetkovski, scoring four goals and slowly but surely positioning as one of the best goal scorers at this tournament. With this victory CDI took the first place in the group A.

CDI is playing the next match on June the 15 2013 (Saturday) at 18:00 in Hristo Batandzhiev Hall in Volkovo, and this time the opponent is the team of the Association MACEF.

The futsal tournament  for Civil Society Organizations is organized by the associations Youth Can and Youth Educational Forum, with support from the Agency for Youth and Sports and the Municipality Gorce Petrov. The tournament has  a charity character and 10 organizations are participating. The money raised will go to support the hungry through association “Bank for food“.