The project VET – New approach for effective social inclusion is implemented within the Operational programme for Human resource Development 2007-2013 IPA component IV. Grant scheme: “Fostering Social Inclusion ” Europe Aid /135-012/M.ACT/MK, Grant contract 12-9131/1.

The project is funded by the European Union, implemented by the Central Financing and Contracting Department within the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The coordination of this project is Association Community Development Institute – Tetovo in partnership with DVV International – Germany.

The overall objectives of the project is to contribute to the creation of favorable environment for reintegration of the offenders into society. We provide opportunity for prisoners to learn new skills and to be competitive at the labour market after sentence will be serve.

As planed with the specific objectives, the prisons in Tetovo and Stip should have increased capacities to deliver labour market oriented vocational skills training; decreased number of the returnees among offenders in prisons; prisoners provided with opportunity to increased their knowledge/education on skills; educational activities adopted as regular activities within the prisoners.

As a target groups of the project are Directorate for executing of sanctions; Prison Tetovo, Prison Stip, Ombudsman, Agency for employment, Chambers of commerce and employers, Municipality of Tetovo, Municipality of Stip, Centers for social works; Center for education of adults etc.

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